“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” –Amanda Cross
I have always been a hopeless romantic, so it surprising that I didn’t actually pick up a romance novel until I was about twenty. My aunt accidentally left a novel by Judith McNaught at our house and out of boredom one day I picked it up—and have not put romance books down ever since.
Nothing is better than reading about true love—even if, in most cases, the scenarios seem totally unrealistic—but at this point in my life, sometimes I need a break from reality, a break from laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc…
And then sometimes maybe we need to read something that might seem unrealistic only to discover that maybe, just maybe, a great love story is not out of our reach. Why can’t we have passion and romance in our lives too? Why can’t the happy endings we read about help inspire our own great love stories? I got my happy ending, so I know it is possible!
Some of the authors I have enjoyed reading over the years:
Judith McNaught, Iris Johansen (romance only), Julie Garwood, Marliss Melton, Nicholas Sparks, Samantha Young + more
More recently with the popularity of the contemporary/Adult fiction out there I have read:
Sylvia Day, E.L. James, Meredith Wild (not a fan of all the extremely descriptive sex scenes, but I did find myself swept up in the characters’ conflicting love stories)
If you have any authors to recommend I would appreciate it… When I find an author I like I read every one of their books and then get bummed I run out … So I am always in search of some more happy endings to read about. I am not opposed to reading other genres as long as there is some sort of romance or love story within the book. I actually prefer romantic suspense so I get the combination of both! THANKS and Happy Reading!