copyright: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

This will be a short post, as I just got my manuscript back from my developmental editor, and I am contemplating incinerating it. I had hoped I could make some revisions … and then I could move on to the next phase of the self-publishing process. And yes, I can do that. I can easily disagree with the feedback my editor gave me, be headstrong and stubborn about my work ….
But I won’t. She has far more experience than me, and after all– isn’t that what I paid her for? Of course we all secretly hope that our editors will send us feedback that says: WOW! AMAZING! DON’T CHANGE A THING! BEST SELLER!
Sure. I highly doubt even the most successful writers heard that from their editors (well, maybe after 5 rewrites).
Anyways, what am I trying to say? My revision work sounds like it will be more of a total re-write. And although that sounds painful, I am just happy that I have the chance to improve my writing before I published it for all the world to see! Guess my book will be on the market a little later than expected!
Do you agree with my decision? Am I crazy for giving up my self-imposed deadline of a July release date for my novel? I have a feeling you will agree. Practice makes perfect, right (well, perfection does not exist)?