I have only been blogging for a few weeks now, but one of the things I have found absolutely amazing is the connections you make with people from all over the world. Being slightly obsessed with other cultures, I am always interested to know where someone is from—and I get super excited when I see that I am having a “blogging convo” with someone in Australia, Japan, South Africa, and so forth … I love getting the chance to connect with someone of the same interests from a half a world away!
So, as I am sitting on my patio right now, sipping my coffee and listening to the birds chirp, I am thinking about all of the people I have had the chance to meet because of blogging, and I am eager to continue on this journey to meet many more people from everywhere.
I love that I am learning so much from others as well. I appreciate the insight and advice that my fellow bloggers have offered by allowing their words to be read all over the world. So, I thank you.
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