I have been reading everything I can on self-publishing, and now that I am getting to the actual phase where I will submit my book for all the world to see, I am getting nervous about what to do! I feel like so much of what I read is conflicting information.
One reliable source recommends obtaining your own ISBN, another says just use the free ones provided. Have your name listed as publisher or someone else? Does it matter? Some say it does—others say it does not. Huh?
Print on Demand-
Whether a single person orders a paperback version of my book or not—I totally want to hold the book in my hand! So, this is probably just for me, but hey, you never know …
So, do I Go with Lightning Source or Create Space? One source says that if you want a chance at having your book in an actual brick and mortar book store you need to use Lightning Source. But Ingram Spark (Lightening Source) is a little confusing to me—and more expensive. But sure, I would love for a customer to be able to order a book directly from B&N or Borders. But the likelihood of that happening is slim to none, according to another book I read …
Where to Publish-
Publish direct to the source (Apple, Amazon, Kobo, etc.) – or use Smash words (or others)? I have to say this one is where I am the most confused. I am willing to lose some money to have someone upload my book everywhere, but I have also heard that this can cause some formatting/conversion errors. I am wondering if this is why a book is popular on Kindle, but when I download it on iBook’s—the formatting is all messed up (and I delete it) …
Although it is super time-consuming and tedious to upload your work everywhere maybe it is worth it. I know a lot of people work with Amazon exclusively, but I am holding back on that. I am an iBook fan, and I just want to put my book everywhere. I am sure there are awesome benefits to exclusivity (I have read about them), but I am most likely going to skip that option.
Don’t even get me started on how confusing this topic is! POD books have a different format than eBooks. Uploading to kindle requires something different than the other guys. Overwhelming to me!
HELP! PLEASE! I have read so much, but I am still swimming in this sea of information. Can you share what you are using – what worked or did not work for you? Real experience that is more straightforward. Maybe we could all learn from each other. THANK YOU!!!!

*Sorry for lack of sources, but I can’t keep anything straight. I have read so much.*

What to do? What to do?