I was scouring the internet last night for information and tips about marketing and how to release my next book (cover reveal, etc.), and I stumbled upon a website, which was amazing. I just wanted to share it with all my fellow writers, in case it could be of use to anyone else as well!

7 Strategies and 110+ Tools to Help Indie Authors Find Readers and Reviewers

What is great about this website isΒ thatΒ the author has compiled a very organized list with hyperlinks to the sources/info they are sharing. For instance,

    1. Free Promotions/Giveaways – There are links to websites that help authors promote their books- ones I had never heard of (aside from the obvious Goodreads). Such as, http://books.noisetrade.com/
    2. Crowdsourcing– Links to sites for this topic
    3. Advertising – a list of FREE links. Such as: http://addictedtoebooks.com/submission
    4. Interviews– a list of websites that interview authors. Such as: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D4DMa2CFNpaRd6C5C8ZVQ8kh1tCzWviW_FomKJx6LZQ/edit#gid=0
    5. REVIEWS – http://www.theindieview.com/register/
    6. Book Tour
    7. Showcase/Sell

There are 119 links to websites within this article. I have not been able to go through every link yet, but I am excited about the wealth of information within the website!
This website, which was linked in the blurb of the above article, was also a good read: http://www.yourwriterplatform.com/promote-and-market-your-book/
Are there any great websites/info you would like to share as well? THANKS!