So, I recently had my cover design created, and I thought I was happy with it, but something was still kind of tugging at me every time I looked at it . . . but I ignored my feeling, because I already had the designer revise the cover eight times.
My dilemma in the creation of the cover was trying to marry romance and suspense. I felt that the book has such heavy issues (and with a name liked Silenced Memories)—how could I have a happy couple running through the wind on it (like one of the designs proposed to me)? I wanted to make sure the elements of suspense, etc. were evident.
Apparently, suspense is TOO obvious, because the romance aspect of the book has been lost. I uploaded my cover to various book cover rating websites (with the categories of both romance and suspense), and the feedback was, for the most part, negative. Thank goodness I found this out now and not after I release the book!
The main problem(s):

  • color of my name
  • font type for the title/size of title
  • too suspense-driven
  • does not read romance

I feel like I am always seeking help/advice on this blog, but I guess I am just hoping to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s before release date. And I value everyone’s opinions a lot. So, I have to figure out what I will do now. I doubt my designer will do another cover for free, but the extra expense is worth it if it means I am not going to alienate my target audience (romance readers).
I read several articles about how to know what category/genre your book falls into (especially when it crosses genre). I knew before writing my book that I was writing a Romance Suspense novel. The question that was popping into my mind was how to tailor my cover to fit both categories. After reading several posts about this, I discovered the answer to my dilemma (if only I asked this question before commissioning the work on my cover). My book should gear toward the romance market, despite the mystery/suspense within it.
If you have a second and you don’t mind, could you take a glance at the cover? I really want honest feedback, because my friends/family (of course) liked it a lot–but anonymous people online (not afraid to hurt my feelings) mostly hated it . . . .