Authors by Genre

READERS: Please check out the amazing and talented authors listed below. I have categorized alphabetically by genre and first name. Twice a month I offer the opportunity for writers to share their work (see work/comments) on my blog, and this list is a collection of the work authors have submitted. *Sci Fi & Fantasy are grouped together
AUTHORS: If I made an error with your genre, or you would like to add something else, please let me know via email: (or in the comments) & I will correct it. *I will rotate book covers each month 🙂
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Children’s (but fun for all ages):

Contemporary Fiction:

Lucy Brazier – Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

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Historical Novels: (C.A. – coming of age)


  K.D. RoseBrevity of Twit  – Link to buy

Inspirational (R-Religious)

Marlene Hershey (R)– God Steps

God Steps contains inspirational proverbs designed to be uplifting to the reader.

Link to buy and Amazon link to buy

Literary Fiction (P: Poetry; H: Humor)

Mystery/suspense/thrillers novels


 Raphaela AngelouLived to Tell

 “Raphaela Angelou’s story has been seen on 60 Minutes, and she has been writing since she was a child”

  Amazon link to buy

Paranormal: (R-risqué)

51Wev39k2vL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ K.D. Rose (R )- Anger’s Children

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Romance: (H-historical; RS- Romance Suspense; E- Adult/Erotica; M-Mystery; C-contemporary)

Keep an eye out for upcoming romance novels:

Science Fiction/Fantasy: (S.P.-Steampunk)

  • Antonio Urias (S.P.): Irons in the Fire: Chronicles of Talis Book I
  • Jaq. D. HawkinsDance of the Goblins (The Goblins Series, Book 1)
  • Massimo MarinoDaimones Trilogy Book Series (3 Books)
  • P. Tempest: MageLife: The Tale Of The Punch-Clock Mage (The Magelife Trilogy Book 1)
  • Paul B. Spence: The Madness Engine: The Awakening, Book

Keep an eye out for an upcoming Sci-Fi novel:

  • Shea Oliver: The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics – Book 1) –release date: 9/15/15

Based on True Stories:

  • Jan Sikes: Home at Last & Flowers and Stone
  • Martha Jette: Playing with the Devil –
  • Terry Nelson: Loonies in the Dugout and Loonies in Hollywood


Andrew Joyce: Molly Lee

Amazon link to buy

Young Adult (A-adventure)

R. Ann Greene (A): The Stones of Caron (Book One)

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