Is there such a thing as too many books (at one time?)

Up until this year, I only read one book at a time (except for when in school, of course). It would take me 1-3 days for a great book to finish, depending on other life events/obligations. Reading only one book at a time allowed me to focus and dive deep into the story. This year I have discovered so many new authors, and I keep downloading books and starting them – but it is taking so much longer for me to finish a novel!
I have been too anxious to wait to finish one book before staring another, so I have anywhere between 3-10 books I am reading at any given time. And I just don’t think this is working for me. Not only does it take me FOREVER to finish reading one book, but I don’t find my reading experience as enjoyable. Reading multiple works means I lose focus on each individual story. I find myself going back and re-reading a lot to remind myself of the plot.
I think I need to go back to what I used to do. Don’t start a book until one is finished. How many of you are capable of reading multiple works? What are your thoughts on this?
In terms of writing, I am now struggling with working on two books at once. Although my first novel is simply running through the last stages of polishing with my editors—I am having a hard time diving deep into my next novel … and I am only working on the outline! I even find myself typing Kate (main character in Silenced Memories) instead of Ava (character in my new book). My brain has been focused on the characters from my last novel for 6+ months now, so it is almost strange to try to develop an attachment to my new characters (crazy, I know …). Maybe I should wait one more week until my book Silenced Memories is officially done before I become invested in my new plot?
I know a lot of writers who write multiple books at a time—I give you a lot of props, because it is a challenge for me. Any advice or strategies?
Thanks for reading about the oh-so complex problems of a reader and writer 🙂
By the way, if you haven’t had a chance – check out the list of authors (blog / pinterest) I have ‘electronically met’ through my blogging experience!!