I keep putting this topic on the back burner (the press release) – but as the release date for my novel draws close, I feel the need to get cracking on my press release.
I have been reading and reading about ‘what to do’ – but I keep coming up with basic websites on the topic, such as:

50 Ways to Reach your Readers

Is Your Author Website Ready to Meet the Press?  

Sample Press Release

Book Press Release Templates/Examples

The above are just a few articles/websites I have perused in search of the answers as to how to produce a journalistic piece that will not only captivate readers – but first—capture a newspapers’ attention to even publish it …
I am not sure whether or not I should only send out a press release to local print/online media in my area, or also shoot for the stars and attempt to win over the top papers as well? Of course, from what I have read—you must have an ANGLE. What makes you DIFFERENT and NEWSWORTHY? I think that is a bit easier for non-fiction/self-help/true stories, etc … but for a romance novel, hmmm…. What in the world could be my angle?
Do I really divulge the truth?
Expose the fact that teachers in North Carolina make such dismal money compared to what I was paid in upstate New York – that with the cost of 2 kids in daycare – student loan debts from grad school—I had to look into a different career path … and sure, why not choose NOW to pursue my dreams of publishing after a 10+ year hiatus from writing creatively?! Why not become a writer & potentially make even less money than teaching in NC?
But no- I can’t write about THAT in my press release, CAN I? Can I really fight for better pay for teachers (and hey, btw- I am publishing a book)? No—that can’t be my ANGLE.
So, I am at a loss about what to write. Go with something standard? LOCAL AUTHOR WRITES NOVEL! That might work for my town, but not for the big media. I am totally stalling in regards to producing this press release.
For those with experience in publishing, did you write a press release? Were you successful? Any advice you can offer those who are about to plunge into the unknown world of self-publishing? Thank you from a writer who feels way out of her element!