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It’s that time again. We had a great turn-out last month.

Please share your book(s) now through August 3rd

For those that are new to this post: Twice a month I invite fellow authors to share their WIP or their current works for sale. I invite everyone to post links to their personal websites, other social accounts, or advertise a link to BUY. Both traditional and indie authors are welcome to post. Use this space to BRAG about what you are working on – or what you have published! Be proud of your hard-work & not embarrassed to self-promote!
If you have a book for sale (or upcoming)- I will add your book to my list of “authors to read” – See example here: Authors to Read!
For those who have posted before: Feel free to advertise again. Or- if you have a different book you would like me to add to the list (or different link to buy)- please include it. If you write a one sentence tag for your book I can include that with your title in the list on ‘Authors to Read’ as well!
Title. Genre.  Release date (if not out yet)
One sentence tag about book.
1-3 Links to buy (if applicable)
*Feel free to include more than one work! And any other information you can think of.
*Want to see the last post where authors shared their work? Click here.thWP2LZ9W1