I was nominated by Helen Jones to complete the 777 Writer’s Challenge – I am a little late on this. My apologies! Thank you Helen.
So the rules are: go to the 7th page of your current WIP, find the 7th sentence, and then paste the following 7 sentences into your blog post. You must then nominate 7 other writers to do the same.
Below are 7 lines from my current (no title yet) work in progress. Just an FYI- this is the first VERY ROUGH copy of my WIP:
“What is wrong?” His voice was laced with a seriousness that was not there earlier.
I turned around to face him, and my eyes flashed to meet his. “I signed something six months ago—some sort of document that directly states I am not allowed to divulge anything about what I do at the lab.” I sucked in a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves. “But my boss, Henry, he is missing. And the lab—the lab is empty. Like Clorox bleach empty.” I shook my head in disbelief at my own words. “I think something happened to Henry. And the other lab assistants. I cannot get ahold of anyone.”
I watched him rub the back of his neck before standing. “You will need to take me to the lab. I need to know what you were working on.”
“I can’t—I—I signed that document.” Orders from the White House.
“That is inconsequential at this point, don’t you think? This is a matter of national security. You were working on what I assumed to be something chemical-related—for the government?”
I forced a nod. Of course he was right. Who else did I have to go to? The President? I almost laughed on the inside at the thought. What the hell was wrong with me?
Before I could respond, my shoulders jerked upright at the loud pounding on the door.
And here are the 7 people I would like to nominate for the challenge. Don’t feel obligated to participate – but for those who do – can’t wait! Thank you!
S.J. Lynn
August MacGregor
Lisa Emme
Tamara Prokopchuk – Orange Pond Connects
Christa Simpson
Amber Dane
Stephanie Baumgartner