In the last year I have “met” hundreds of different authors via my “Share Your Work” blog posts. I have added the novels the authors submitted to my “Authors to Read” page, based on the genre (if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it).
Because there are so many novels now, I worry that the books will get lost! So, I’d like to pause the submissions on the “Authors to Read” for now, and choose 3-5 authors a month to feature.
What will this look like/mean?
Well, I will blog about your book via a blog post, but I will also create a page for your novel under the “Featured Authors” tab. This page will remain on my homepage for 4 weeks, before I rotate to feature new author. I will share your book on my personal Facebook account, as well as my author page (if you haven’t had a chance to like my page- it would be super helpful if you could stop by-thank you!) . . . I will also regularly share your book on instagram, pinterest, and twitter. I invite you and other authors to share the novels as well (support each other, which is what this is all about).
What will be on the page/post? -That depends on what you send me, but what I’d love is any (or all) of the following: Book cover, blurb, excerpt, promotional teasers (if you have any), links to buy, your favorite testimonials, and an author bio.
*If I have read your book already, I will post a short review!
If you’re interested in being featured during the first round, please email me at: I have created a dedicated email for this blog only. PLEASE only send your book title and Amazon link. I do not want you to go out of your way & send all the information if I am unable to feature you right away. I will email you back for the info needed if I am able to feature you for the first round. If you do not hear from me–I am sure your work is great–but I have limited spots. 
Hope you have a fantastic week, and I look forward to supporting your work!