I’d love to introduce everyone to author, Lisa Emme. Lisa is a huge supporter of fellow writers, and I highly recommend you check out her work. Her romantic suspense, Home Again, debuts February 29th, 2016. I was super excited to learn Lisa also writes romance, as she has become a hit with her supernatural thrillers: Dead & Kicking and Tooth & Claw.

I wasn’t a huge supernatural fan before reading Lisa’s books–but I became one after starting her super fun series, The Harry Russo Diaries. And if she was able to capture my attention with a genre I don’t typically read–I can only imagine how good Home Again must be. I will be starting it very soon (I’ll add the review to the page on my blog soon).


They say you can’t go home again. Allie Daniels hopes they are wrong, whoever they are. After a series of misfortunes, she and her small son have come home to the town she thought she had left behind. She’s just looking for a safe place to raise her son. The last thing she wants is any more complications.
Mike Finn didn’t roll into town on his Harley looking for love; he just wants to find a place to call home. Hoping to escape the fast-paced, anonymous life in the city, he’s bought a partnership in the local veterinarian practice. The small town has a lot to offer – especially after a chance encounter with Allie.
When Mike first sets eyes on Allie, sparks fly. He knows there’s something there, but the reluctant, single mom is going to take some convincing. Good thing Mike is a persistent man. When strange things start to happen around town, his protective instinct is sent into high gear. It’s just as well, because when Allie starts playing detective, she may find herself in over her head.
Don’t let the sweet cover fool you. This book brings the heat. Intended for a mature audience. Graphic language and sexual content.
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What readers are saying about Home Again:

“…If you love a down home country sort of romance, this should be on your reading radar…” –Rosanna Leo, author of Vice and the Gemini Island Shifters series (via Goodreads)
“…Highly recommend reading this book for contemporary small town romance lovers like me, especially if you like a bit of suspense in it. You’ll definitely enjoy this book!” –Kat Desi, Kaleidoscope Heart Reviews


Before he could step away, Allie grabbed his shirtfront and pulled. Surprised, Mike stumbled a step towards her.
“Don’t go,” she whispered.
Hand still gripping his shirt, she gazed up at him, her eyes wide. He was several inches taller than her, taller than usual because he was still in his boots and she was in bare feet. She raised herself up on her tiptoes and pulled him closer. His eyes widened and he dipped his head to hers. Their lips met. The kiss started soft and sensual, almost tentative. After a moment, Allie began to pull away, but Mike was having none of it. She may have started it, but he was going to finish it.
He cradled her head with his hands preventing her from moving and deepened the kiss, nipping at her lips, coaxing them apart until he could thrust his tongue in her mouth. Allie groaned and threw her arms around his neck, her body pressed against his. Mike was lean and hard up against her and she could feel his arousal. His kiss became fervent and he groaned as he slid one hand down her back to cup her ass through the towel. He pulled her closer, causing the front of the towel to gape open. Allie could feel the soft denim of his jeans against her bare skin and then he shifted again and the cold metal of his belt buckle brushed against her. She gasped and pulled away from his kiss. Mike’s eyes followed hers and he looked down to see her bare hip and thigh. He reached out to run his fingers up along the silky skin and a shiver ran down her spine.
“I want you so much,” he rasped.
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Lisa Emme bio:
Lisa Emme is a Canadian who proudly ends her ABC’s with ‘zed’. A self-professed book-a-holic, she has spent the last few years trying to stem her book hoarding tendencies by writing her own stories, including the popular urban fantasy series, the Harry Russo Diaries, and by avoiding the bargain table at the bookstore like the plague.
A bit of a thrill seeker, Lisa has tried such death defying activities as bungy jumping off a bridge and rappelling down the side of a 17 storey building. She’s also single-handedly raising a teenager.
Lisa has worked as a veterinary assistant, playground instructor, bank teller, store clerk, waitress, telephone solicitor, research writer for an environmental think tank, computer programmer, and systems analyst. Her passion however, is writing.  What else is she going to do during the long, cold prairie winter?

Lisa would love to hear from you.  Email her at lisa.emme@mymts.net or find her on

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