Book 2, of the Hidden Truths series is out now. It is a stand-alone romance suspense novel, which features characters from book 1, Silenced Memories. I also recently re-released Silenced Memories (2nd edition). Be sure to check out the Amazon $25 gift card giveaway going on now!


Reserved biochemist Ava Daniels has spent the last six months working on a top secret assignment for Homeland Security. One morning, after a night of finally letting loose, she discovers her lab empty and her boss missing. Interrogated by the very organization she works for, followed by unknowns, and attacked, Ava finds herself in search of answers as the clock winds down.
Aiden O’Connor, Irish born and raised, attempted to put his past behind him when he opened a bar in the heart of Boston. One night, Ava Daniels shows up to his bar asking for help. She is like no other woman he has ever met—breathtakingly beautiful, brilliant, and in terrible danger. Once he learns the true nature of her problem, Aiden realizes she is the key to unlock his past . . . and perhaps to get a second chance.

Excerpt: When Ava Daniels first encounters the sexy Irish Aiden O’Connor
“You bet on the game?” her bartender asked the man while sliding the club soda in front of Ava.
“Nah, not tonight,” the man responded, without taking his eyes off Ava.
She forced herself to blink before studying the drink in front of her.
“Can I get you anything else?”
“I’m okay, thank you,” she responded before her bartender walked away, leaving her alone with the man whose eyes she could still feel on her face.
His tanned forearms flexed as he pressed his palms against the counter. “I know my father has already served you, but are you sure you wouldn’t like something a wee bit stronger?”
His Irish brogue made her head spin. She needed to pull herself together.
Ava took a sip of her club soda and tried to slow down her pulse a few notches before meeting his blue eyes again.
“You all right, love?”
The silky baritone of his voice made her forget why she was even in the bar. She’d never been the kind of girl to go weak-kneed just from looking at a man, but she’d never exactly met one like this before, had she? “I’m good, I think.” The stark contrast of his jet black hair against his bright blue eyes had her feeling a bit dizzy. The color of his irises reminded her of the Tahitian crystal waters she once swam in—so deep she could drown in them.
“Are you a Pats fan?”
“A what?” She shook her head.
“Do you like the Patriots?”
“Oh.” She reached for her braid and toyed with the ends. “I prefer the Ravens.” The Ravens? Really, Ava? You don’t even watch football!
“They’re a decent team, but you can’t be in a bar in Boston and not root for the Patriots.”
She returned his smirk with a smile. “Maybe you could convert me?” Did I just flirt?
“I’d be more than obliged to help you see the light.” He leaned closer until his face was only a few inches from hers.
She swallowed and couldn’t help but inhale his masculine, woodsy scent.
“But I’m gonna let you in on a secret. The only football I watch is that of the Irish—you know, the real game of football.” He winked and pushed back away from the bar before walking to the other end, where a new patron had just settled in.

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