I am super excited to introduce author, Darla Woodley & illustrator Evan Munday. Miss Woodley sent me a copy of her fabulous book in the mail, and I have to say, when I opened the package, my first impression was: WOW! I loved the cover, the feel of the book, the inserts she included . . . it was impressive. I had one of those–this book is special and the author personalized it to me–fan girl moments!!
It only gets better. When I sat down to read the book, I had both my boys on my lap. I actually had tears well in my eyes by the end of the book. Maybe it is because I am a mother, and I watched as the child grew up in the book and the mother got older … so it was personal to me–but the overall message was fantastic!
Words cannot describe how much I loved this book. I actually bring it with me everywhere I go, because I am around a lot of moms and kids–spreading the word. The day I received it I even showed my son’s dentist office 🙂
I really feel this book would look great on the bookshelves, and I would like to see it in Target, Barnes & Nobles, and so forth. I did notice on Miss Woodley’s website it is in some Indigo and Chapters store-that is amazing!

Be sure to check out Miss Woodley’s website by clicking here.

Her book is also available on Amazon.ca!


Awarded the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval. Sometimes it is hard to find exactly the right words to show that you are sharing your encouragement and support. This uplifting story demonstrates that a simple pair of red socks can give someone special a boost when they are feeling down or out of their comfort zone. You’ll find yourself smiling when you see how red socks go with absolutely anything!

Did you know?

When copies of Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything are purchased additional copies of the book are printed and donated to a school, local charity and/or organization that may benefit from the message of how red socks go with absolutely anything.


Check out her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RedSocksGoWithAbsolutelyAnything