✔️ Best Friend’s Sister

✔️ Off-the-Charts Tension

✔️ Co-Workers

✔️ … Did I mention all of the hot Navy SEALs?🔥

Cover Design By: Mayhem Cover Creations
Photography: Eric BatterShell 

Finding the Fight Releases: Feb 21st

#Teaser from the book – inspired by the original model photo.


A six foot four distraction was two steps away.

His broad shoulders arched back, his eight-pack like eye candy on display. Beads of sweat rolled over his tan skin like drops of water had been airbrushed onto him for a beer bottle commercial.

Strings of guilt for wanting him pulled at her to the point where she wondered if she’d fray and unravel—and give in to the pulse of need inside of her.


★ If you missed one of the Stealth Ops bonus scenes, be sure to read them before Finding the Fight.

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