I wanted to make sure you know about a great new book discovery website. I teamed up with 120+ other authors to create BingeBooks.com. Our number one goal is to make it easy and fun for our readers to find their next great read. We removed common frustrations like ads and irrelevant recommendations. We kept the things that are helpful – and there is more to come as we grow. 

Here is what you can do right now:

  • Browse my full collection
  • See my series in order
  • Binge on samples from new-to-you authors or try out samples in unfamiliar genres
  • Enjoy early chapters on any device
  • Organize your book life with your own pages, upload your lists from other sites, and create new ones.
  • Read and write book recommendations 
  • Share with other fans
  • Buy what you enjoy, with quick links to retailers for print books, e-books, and audiobooks.
  • Find trending deals and new releases

You can like and follow me here – Brittney Sahin. I look forward to seeing you there!