Cover Designed by: Mayhem Cover Creations

Releases: January 7th

Trained to fight and born to lead, Emilia can handle anything the sexy Irishman throws her way—except love.

Sean McGregor, the handsome and protective Irish billionaire, was once the king of one-night-stands, but when a beautiful and courageous Italian comes into his life, everything changes. He only wants her—the one woman he can’t have.

As one of the leaders of the world’s most powerful secret society, Emilia Calibrisi can’t afford to believe in fairy tales, not when so much of her life has ended in tragedy and heartache. The last thing she has time for is falling in love, especially with Sean McGregor.

Trapped by loyalty and family tradition, rules and promises are in place to keep Sean and Emilia apart. But unable to resist the pull of fate, Sean finds himself fighting for Emilia’s heart while he fights by her side to dismantle a dangerous criminal organization. And slowly, Emilia falls victim to his charms. His incredible strength. Those big blue eyes and sinful accent.

Sean and Emilia’s insatiable need for each other has them playing with fire and blurring the lines by which they are bound.

But when the sins of her father come to light and secrets are revealed, Emilia and Sean don’t know whom to trust. Is their happiness attainable, or will Emilia once again choose duty over love?

In this thrilling new pulse-pounding addition to the Dublin Nights Series, everything will be on the line in the final hour, including their lives.

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