An exclusive HOT teaser read by “Roman” (aka – Joseph Cannata from the book cover) … This is from chapter 11 – a past scene between Harper & Roman.

Note – Yes, lol … I say the one line at the beginning (I’m not an actress or narrator sooo I did my best LOL). We will not be doing the audiobook – this was just for fun!!

You MAY need headphones for this … it is sexy, sexy. πŸ˜‰

I converted the chapter into more script format (first person) for us to read – but here is the scene as written in the book:

β€œHelp with the zipper?”

A low, gravelly sound escaped his barely parted lips as he struggled with the damn thing. He used a little too much force, and he heard a rip. β€œShit, sorry.”

She peeled the dress from her upper body and let it fall to her feet before facing him.

No bra. He’d been right.

β€œI’m not sorry,” she said in a husky tone as he worked his gaze from her black lace panties up to her full breasts.

He forgot about his own clothes, almost forgot how to breathe as he felt the weight of her perfect tits in his hands. He swiped the pads of his thumbs over her nipples a few times, drawing them into hard points.

She slid her arms up between them and held his eyes as she worked at undressing him after forcing his hands out of the way. He placed them on her torso and dragged his fingers along her silhouette before finding her ass.

The music was still playing in the background. The same song on repeat. Lost in the Middle of Nowhere.

He was lost with this woman in his arms. And fuck if he never wanted to be found.

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