Coming October 2022

Jack London and Camila Hart


“We can’t keep doing this. We need to stop.”

“Because you know how it ends . . . and you’re mad at me for something I haven’t done yet. But you won’t tell me what it is, so—”

“You know I can’t.” She peeled the sheet back, ready to flee Jack’s bed, but he circled her wrist with his rough hand and stopped her.

“Cami,” he bit out. “Don’t go. Not this time.”


If you read The Guarded One you met Camila in that book and she has “visions” like Elaina from Finding Her Chance. Camila (Cami) is a close friend (like a sister) to the team leader, Carter Dominick. And there will be another secret revealed in her book as well I can’t wait to share. 

As for Gray … I promise he will get his HEA next year. There is the perfect woman out there for him, but I think he needs a little time to move on before then. We will also have Oliver and Carter’s books next year as well.