This is not the blurb – I wrote this up to give you a hint at what the book is about. Official blurb reveal coming early October

UNTIL YOU CAN’T: A Romance Novel

Ryan Rossi

You can never operate again. It’s too risky. That’s what the doctors told me. After being a Navy SEAL for twenty years, I was forced into retirement. Thirty-nine was young for most. Ancient for a Frogman like me.

Going back home was never supposed to be the plan. But when in life had anything worked out the way I hoped? But when my younger brother got himself into trouble, what choice did I have?

I just never anticipated that to save his life, I’d have to do the unthinkable—fake date his ex-fiancée. To make matters worse, everyone in our hometown blamed me for their breakup. Yeah, that was a story for another day.

Seeing as this would probably be my final mission, I turned to some Teamguys from my past for an assist.

It was smooth sailing at first.
Until I realized my brother had lied to me.
And I was starting to fall for my fake girlfriend.

Natalia Romano

The last man I expected to save me when my Jeep broke down was Ryan Rossi. He wasn’t just my ex’s brother, he was the most frustrating man I’d ever met, and he’d been a thorn in my side for years. I will admit . . a very sexy thorn.

At that time in my life, I should’ve been on top of the world. My Italian restaurant had survived its first year, and we’d just celebrated. But in reality, I was drowning in debt. The restaurant business was brutal. Things were so rough at thirty-two I had to move back home.

So, when Ryan offered to help me out—a favor for a favor kind of thing—how could I say no?

All I had to do was find him a girlfriend within a week. Sure, because my life wasn’t hard enough.

I refused to offer myself up as an option. No way could I play pretend with that man, even if we were once again neighbors, and he was becoming the hero I never knew I needed.

And yet, the next thing I knew . . . I was in Tuscany with Ryan down on one knee. For me.

Engaged to my ex-fiancé’s brother? How in the hell did that just happen? And at this rate, what might happen next?