I’m super excited to share this cover for Gray’s book! I have been anxious to write his story since he was first introduced in Chasing the Knight! And ahhh this cover … be sure to see the color images farther down in the newsletter 🙂

Model: Alejandro Caracuel

Designed by: Mayhem Cover Creations

Release date: 3/31/23 (pre-order a/v)

Where will it be available: Kindle, KindleUnlimited, and paperback: Amazon, B&N. Audio production starts mid-March with an anticipated May release.

The blurb on Amazon and my website is not the final blurb. I have been busy writing this book & working on edits for Maria & Enzo’s story for the publisher (the spin-off from Until You Can’t) so I hope to have the final blurb ready for you early March.

Teaser 1 (extended teasers in the newsletter): 

Scene between Jack & Gray from the prologue (year: 2010)

“Listen, I’ve known you for almost two decades, and there’s not a chance in h*ll you’ll let Tessa leave without seeing her off.”

“Yeah, and what makes you say that?” Gray set down the glass and went for his wallet, deciding against a third round, but Jack beat him to it, paying the check first.

“Because Tessa’s the only woman you’ve never compared to your West Point ex-girlfriend. And you’ve dated a lot of women since her. You don’t have the Romeo call sign for nothing, man.” He grinned. “That lack of comparison has to mean something, don’t you think?”

Sydney? Why in the h*ll was he bringing up her? “Tessa’s a friend. Maybe not even that. She was just babysitting me at the clinic for her hours. We just . . . got to know each other during that time. She likes to talk. In fact, she never shuts up. That’s the only reason I know every detail about the woman.” He cursed. “Except that her father’s the colonel.” Was his colonel. I’m out now. “She left that part out.”

Jack tossed back the rest of his whiskey and set his hands on the mahogany bar top. “The woman drives you nuts because you like her.”

Teaser 2: scene between Gray and Tessa’s father (Colonel Sloane) – also from the prologue / 2010:

“I’m done with this conversation. And you need to move on and forget what happened.”

Move on? Was he kidding? “I can barely f—g move.” A dark, angry laugh left his lips.

Sloane jerked a thumb toward the apartment. “Which is exactly why you need to leave my daughter alone. She’s young. Has her whole life ahead of her. The last thing she needs is a man in uniform taking a wrecking ball to her life the way . . .”

Let me guess, like you did to your ex-wife’s life? But he managed to keep that thought locked up as well. “Sir, there’s not a da*n thing you can do to stop me from going back in that building when you drive away,” he said as “lima charlie” as possible. “Also, she’s only a friend.

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