From the international bestseller, The Broken One, Jesse and Ella are back in The Lost Letters.

Experience their love story told in a unique way with Jesse’s muse, Joseph Cannata, taking on the role of Jesse and Brittney Sahin as Ella. The Lost Letters also includes access to audio clips.

Jesse’s POV:

I wasn’t sure I’d ever felt this kind of pain before.

I slid down the wall inside the cabin, bottle in hand, and I rested my head against the wall. 

Ella would be married tomorrow, and it was all my fault. I took a swig of my drink, letting it burn my lungs, then my eyes snapped to the box I’d brought with me to the off-the-grid location thirty miles away from our town. I kept it for emergency situations. And this called for it. 

I reached for the shoebox and flicked off the lid. The letters I’d written Ella over the years were inside it. Letters I never sent. And now . . . it was too late.