Why “Stealth Ops”?

  • The Stealth Ops Team began in 2013 when President Rydell started his first term as president. Former Navy SEAL Will Hobbs and CIA officer Jessica Scott pitched the idea to the president to have an off-the-books team who could perform covert missions anywhere in the world (including the U.S.) to avoid media exposure, as well as perform operations that might not be able to get approval from Congress.
  • The Navy SEALs recruited to the Teams are still considered “Active-Duty” although the world believes they have retired and now work for Scott & Scott Securities as private contractors. If they are ever caught they can use their agency as a cover story.
  • Jessica’s first recruit – her brother – Luke Scott (formerly part of DEVGRU, commonly known as Team SIX (a Tier One operator). It came as a surprise to Luke that his sister had been in the CIA!


A comprehensive breakdown of the Stealth Ops timeline (including the crossover ties with the Becoming Us series). Check out the new timeline: view.

Stealth Ops Family Tree (Marriage/children): Contains spoilers

Author Note:

The Stealth Ops team was first introduced in the books Someone Like You and My Every Breath. Some of the cast from Bravo (and Jessica Scott) operated under the guise of their agency, Scott & Scott Securities (from their NYC headquarters). These operations took place prior to the first book in the Stealth Ops Series, Finding His Mark.

Each book in the Stealth Ops Series begins with the recruitment process for the 10 Navy SEALs recruited to Bravo & Echo Teams.

Aside from Asher Hayes (who replaced Marcus, Bravo Three) – all other recruits joined the Teams in 2013.

Stealth Ops Government (2013-2020):

Government officials who know of the team / in-charge of launching missions:

President (POTUS): Rydell (character inspiration: George Clooney).

CIA Director: Rutherford

Department of Defense Intermediary: Will “The Ghost” Hobbs (no longer active)

Director of Defense: Handlin (no longer active due to health issues)

Other government officials who have worked with the team under the guise of “private contractors”:

FBI Director (D.C. office): Mendez (character inspiration: Benicio Del Toro)

Attorney General of the U.S.: Jerry Dryden (character inspiration: Idris Elba)

*Senator Bennett (Knox’s dad) – plans run for president in the next election cycle (character inspiration: Denzel Washington)


Stealth Ops Government (2021 – ):

Government officials who know of the team / in-charge of launching missions:

President (POTUS): Isaiah Bennett (Knox’s dad)

CIA Director: Spenser

Department of Defense Director: Admiral Chandler (Natasha’s father)

Cover Story: Scott & Scott Securities

Their main headquarters are in New York City where the firm runs its tactical and cybersecurity company. But there are multiple locations around the nation, such as in Nashville (where Luke frequently worked from before meeting Eva, as well as in Charleston).

As of 2019, Luke and Jessica Scott are considering rebranding the agency and ditching the use of their names given Luke’s marriage to a Hollywood star, Everly (Eva) Reed.

Most regular operations at S&S are run by former Teamguys who are not members of the Stealth Ops Teams (Bravo and Echo) & are not aware of the off-the-books missions.

The Stealth Ops Team

Luke & Jessica Scott: Co-leaders of Bravo & Echo Team

Jessica Scott: Cyber/intelligence expert (character inspiration: Lena Gercke)

Harper Brooks: New recruit (as of 2019) from the CIA to handle cyber/intelligence as well. She’ll mostly be taking point on ops with Echo Team.

**Characters in the books are mostly in their mid-to-upper thirties & all members of Bravo & Echo were recruited straight from the SEALs for their different skills.


Bravo One: Luke Scott (Team Leader/Intelligence Specialist)

  • Previously with DEVGRU as a Tier One operator.
  • Character Inspiration: Jessie Pavelka

Bravo Two: Owen York (Former Naval pilot/Cyber expert)

  • Character Inspiration: Charlie Hunnam & Fitness model Davey Fisher

Bravo Three: Asher Hayes (Breacher/tracker & explosives-expert)

  • Formerly on Black Squadron (DEVGRU) before joining Bravo.
  • Character Inspiration: Jason Momoa

Bravo Four: Liam Evans (Sniper & Recon specialist)

Bravo Five: Charlie “Knox” Bennett (Combat Medic)

Stealth Ops: Echo Team

Echo One: Wyatt Pierson (sniper/team leader)

  • Character Inspiration: Tom Hardy

Echo Two: A.J. Hawkins

Echo Three: Chris “Captain America” Hunter – (Pinterest)

  • Character Inspiration: Chris Evans

Echo Four: Roman Riviera (Sniper and comms specialist)


Echo Five:  Dalton “Finn” Finnegan


Bravo Team Pinterest Muse Boards

Echo Team Pinterest Muse Boards

Female protagonists

Finding His Mark – Everly (Eva) Reed – screenplay writer & from a Hollywood family (character inspiration: Abigail Spencer)

Finding Justice – Samantha (Sam) McCarthy – works for the Intelligence Committee with her father who is the head of the committee. (character inspiration: Jaimie Alexander)

Finding the Fight – Jessica Scott (character inspiration: Lena Gercke)

Finding Her Chance Emily Summers (sister to former Marine & FBI special agent Jake Summers (character inspiration: Scott Eastwood) from Surviving the Fall). Best friend to Sam McCarthy. She’s a lawyer for the criminal division at the AG office in D.C & works for AG Jerry Dryden. (character inspiration for Emily: Jennifer Garner)

Finding the Way Back – Adriana Foster – Secret Service. Character inspiration: Gal Gadot. 

Chasing the Knight – Natasha Chandler – CIA officer (inspiration)

Chasing Daylight – Anastasia Quinn (FBI agent) – inspiration

Chasing FortunePinterest board

Chasing ShadowsPinterest board

Chasing the StormPinterest board








The seal of the United States Navy engraved into granite

Stealth Ops Lingo

POTUS – The President of the United States

JBAD – Jalalabad, Afghanistan

TOC- tactical operations center

HVT- high value target

Tango – target/enemy combatant

Mikes – minutes away

Klicks- distance away

JSOC- Joint Special Operations Command

ROE- rules of engagement

DEVGRU – United States Navy Special Forces (Team “SIX” – Tier One operatives)

HALO- high-altitude low-opening jump

HAHO- high-altitude high-opening jump

NVGs – night-vision-goggles

Rack time – sleep

EOD- explosive ordinance disposal

BUD/S – basic underwater demolition (SEAL) training

OIC- Officer in charge

Brass – officers in power

Long gun – sniper rifle

Helo – helicopter (Bird-place)