Let Me Love You (Maria & Enzo’s story) – Oct 10th – also in: Audio / paperback at: Amazon / B&N / Target / Books-A-Million

The Fallen One Carter Dominick’s book (March 14th)

New Releases


The Final Goodbye audiobook – US / UK / INTL

The Wanted One (Jack & Charlotte) – paperback & Kindle & Audible:  US / UK / Intl

The Lost Letters: A Falcon Falls Novella by Brittney Sahin and Joseph Cannata – KU/KINDLE

The Lost Letters – hardcover – live / paperback live

Available Bonus Scenes to download for FREE:

Note: These scenes are written after release, which is why they are not included in the back of the books on Amazon (they are also not professionally edited, so I can not include them for that reason as well.)

These scenes are my thank you for reading my work and an extra “catch-up” scene on the cast while you wait for the next release. 

Falcon Falls Bonus Scenes:

1) Jesse & Ella (The Broken One) – backstory (now part of the Kindle/KU novella, The Lost Letters)

2) Falcon Falls (Beckett apology) + cross-over with the Stealth Ops Series – Read online or download a free copy for your preferred reading device

3) The Taken One Post-Epilogue (Behind the Scenes-scenes) – Mya’s POV

Stealth Ops Series Bonus Scenes:

1) Read after Finding His Mark – Stealth Ops #1

2) Read after Finding Justice (“A Stealth Ops Christmas”)– Stealth Ops #2

3) Read after Finding the Fight– Stealth Ops #3

4) Read after Finding Her Chance – Stealth Ops #4

5) Read before (or after): Finding the Way Back- Stealth Ops #4.5. 

6) Read after Finding the Way Back (before Chasing the Knight) Stealth Ops #5

7) Read after Chasing the Knight (to be read before or after Chasing Daylight)Stealth Ops #6

**Exclusive “behind the scenes” convo between Natasha and Wyatt from chapter 5 of Chasing Daylight, when they stepped into the hall to talk. Read here.

8) Stealth Ops Holiday Bonus Scene: A Chasing Shadows Prequel

9) Unstoppable: A Stealth Ops Episode short story (previously pub. in a charity anthology) – now a/v to read free: download


*Hidden Truths Scenes (Focuses on Michael and Kate – with appearances from other HT characters)


Someone Like You Bonus

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