Book Order:


  1. The Safe Bet
  2. Beyond the Chase
  3. The Hard Truth 
  4. Surviving the Fall
  5. The Final Goodbye
  6. The Story of Us
  7. On the Edge
  8. Someone Like You
  9. My Every Breath
  10. Finding His Mark
  11. Finding Justice
  12. Finding the Fight 
  13. On the Line 
  14. Finding Her Chance
  15. Finding the Way Back
  16. The Real Deal 
  17. Chasing the Knight
  18. The Inside Man
  19. Chasing Daylight





Character Appearances

Hidden Truths Characters –

Michael Maddox: The Safe Bet, Beyond the Chase, Surviving the Fall, and The Final Goodbye (epilogue) & technically he has a brief call with Connor in The Hard Truth, book 3 – but no visual.

Aiden O’Connor: The Safe Bet (epilogue), Beyond the Chase, The Hard Truth (brief), The Final Goodbye

Connor Matthews: The Safe Bet, Beyond the Chase, The Hard Truth, The Final Goodbye (epilogue), and My Every Breath (a crossover)

Jake Summers: The Safe Bet, Beyond the Chase, The Hard Truth, Surviving the Fall, and The Final Goodbye (call & epilogue); a mention in Finding Justice & Finding the Fight, appearance in On the Line (crossover)

Ben Logan: The Safe Bet (epilogue), The Hard Truth, Surviving the Fall, The Final Goodbye, and an appearance in On the Line (crossover)


Secondary characters:

Mason Matthews: The Hard Truth, My Every Breath (a crossover)

Emily Summers: Surviving the Fall, Finding Justice, Finding the Fight, Finding Her Chance


Side note: Alexa Ryan – Her sister Lori Ryan is a character in The Story of Us (Alexa is also in On the Line and Finding Her Chance).


Dublin Nights –

Adam McGregor: On the Edge, On the Line, The Story of Us, The Real Deal

Adam McGregor owns the football (soccer) team in Rome in The Story of Us


Becoming Us & The Stealth Ops Series (interconnected) –

Someone Like You Breakdown:

Noah Dalton is friends with Luke & Jessica + some of Bravo/Echo from Stealth Ops.

This book takes place about 3 years prior to the start of the Stealth Ops Series. The bonus scene at the end takes you to present day Stealth Ops. The Stealth Ops team officially started 5 years (prologue/recruitment chapter) before chapter 1 of Finding His Mark.

Grace Parker-King is also best friends with Jessica Scott. She met Jessica when hiring the alias Scott & Scott for cyber protection.


My Every Breath Breakdown: *contains a few spoilers

Cade King – also knows Jessica & Luke Scott since he ran his company with his sister Grace and other brother Corbin.

Cade calls on the help of Jessica & Owen in this book when the female lead Gia gets in trouble with the Irish mob – and Jess & Owen take on the case as part of their on-the-books Scott & Scott business.

The crossover with the HT Series happens when Gia’s friend Mya asks Mason Matthews & his brother Connor for help. 😉

In this book you start to get suspicious about who Jessica, Luke, and Owen really are – and if they’re truly only running Scott & Scott – this leads to the beginning of the Stealth Ops Series.

STEALTH OPS Breakdown: New guide now available.

Each prologue of the Stealth Ops begins with a recruitment chapter as to when an active-duty SEAL was brought onto the team. Right now, all prologues (except Asher) begin 5 years before chapter one of each book. *Asher replaced a SEAL two years in.

Bravo Team: Luke (Bravo One), Owen (Bravo Two), Asher (Bravo Three), Liam (Bravo Four), Knox / Charlie (Five)

**Harrison Reed joins the casts of Dublin Nights (Eva’s Hollywood brother). 

Echo Team – Wyatt, A.J., Chris, Roman, Finn

Special skills/training:

Luke: recon/surveillance, leadership, combat

Jessica (Luke’s sister & co-leader) – left the CIA to begin the group: cyber, some field training, surveillance/tracking

Owen: Former Naval pilot – switched to SEALs, surveillance/cyber

Asher “Fighter Boy” – Tracker, Explosives expert

Liam: Sniper school, cyber

Knox: combat medical school

HT Series crossover appearance: Emily Summers & a mention of Jake (Finding Justice, Finding the Fight, Finding Her Chance)