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Forever Dublin & Rome will be back on Kindle Unlimited hopefully by May 1st. There are also some potential changes going on with the Forever series, so stay tuned for updates. If you want a free bonus scene that goes with Forever Dublin, sign up for my newsletter and it will be in the welcome email.


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New Release:

 Deadly Consequences


A new & extended edition of Silenced Memories is now available! Download for FREE.

Hidden Truths Current Project:

I am also currently working on Ben Logan’s story (book 5). Ben was first introduced in Buried Lies and plays a role in Deadly Consequences. Who is Ben?

  • Tall, strong, handsome (of course!), light green eyes, black hair, former Marine, rock climber, former pro-baseball player (blew out his shoulder in his 2nd season) & now runs a PI firm in Vegas. And he’ll be running into an old friend who will need his help.