Let Me Love You – Title Reveal

As many of you know, the rights to Maria & Enzo’s story were acquired by a traditional publishing house, which is very exciting (but it also means I am on their timeline). Although the book is finished, they set the release date for 10.10. Feels forever away, but I’m just soooo pumped for this book. It’s by far one of my faves!

It’s now on pre-order for both Kindle & paperback. Looks like they have the paperback on sale as well!

There is no blurb or cover image yet on Amazon, but I’ll reveal as soon as I can. And they’ve assured me the book will also be in Kindle Unlimited on release day. The audiobook will also release on 10.10.23, which is very exciting.

Maria & Enzo’s book is a spin-off from my international bestseller Until You Can’t

A few tidbits about the characters

  • Maria Romano – single Mom / runs the catering business at her sister’s restaurant / now lives next door to the sexy chef
  • Enzo Costa – former military / head chef at the restaurant /  reformed morally gray character who resorts to his old ways when he must protect the woman he cares about
  • The Costa Family – an “untouchable” Italian billionaire family in NY / the three Costa sons served in the military: Enzo, Alessandro, and Constantine (sisters: Isabella and Bianca. Bianca was Enzo’s twin, but she died 13 years prior to the start of chapter 1)
  • The Costas & Romanos have known each other for a long time / and Enzo vowed to Mr. Romano he’d always keep Maria and her sister safe