Warning: Timeline includes SPOILERS for HEA’s for some couples. Proceed with CAUTION.

(Note: You do not need to have read Someone Like You or My Every Breath to enjoy the Stealth Series … but because those 2 books gave me the idea for Stealth and we have crossovers … I included them in the timeline below)

2013: Stealth Ops team is formed under the leadership of President Rydell. Scott & Scott Securities is established as a cover story. In Someone Like You and My Every Breath,  Noah, Grace, and Cade, are unaware of the true “Stealth-Ops” missions and only know of the cover story.

2013: All RECRUITMENT prologues are in 2013 except Asher since he joined later.

2015 (May): Grace and Noah meet in Someone Like You. Owen, Jessica, and Luke make appearances in this book as Grace and Jessica met when Jessica took a gig for Scott & Scott by outfitting Grace’s company with cyber protection – these types of gigs help fund the Stealth Ops missions since there is limited government funding for Stealth Ops missions.

2015 (summer): Cade King ends engagement with governor’s daughter

2016 (April): Noah proposes to Grace.

2016 (October/November): Noah and Grace get married & soon after discover they are pregnant (not aware they’re having twins yet).

2017 (January): My Every Breath begins. Cade meets Gia.

2017 (End of May): Emergency C-section (Grace has twins).

2018 (January): Finding His Mark begins. Eva and Luke meet.


2018 (In Finding His Mark): Harper assists Bravo Team in Monaco while she is still with the CIA (she has not joined the teams yet). She is shot/nearly killed while helping Bravo.

2018 (April): Finding His Mark epilogue (new epilogue in the updated edition). Eva and Luke announce they’re having a baby.

2018 (September): Finding Justice begins.

2018 (November): Eva and Luke have baby Lara.

2018 (December): Christmas party (bonus scene). Owen proposes to Sam.

2019 (Jan-May): Finding the Fight.

2019 (May): “Triple” weddings in Vegas. Luke decides the company may need to rebrand Scott & Scott now that he’s married to Eva.


2019 (May): Harper joins the teams to assist ECHO on missions

2019 (May): Finding Her Chance begins.

2020 (Summer): BBQ at Liam’s in bonus scene 4 (Note: Knox’s book releases in 2019, but the story takes place in 2020 due to the election time line).


Aug – November 2020: Knox and Adriana’s story takes place


Nov. 2020: Isaiah Bennett (Knox’s dad) is elected.


Dec 2020/Christmas: Harper and Roman have their first kiss


Jan-March 2021: Chasing the Knight takes place. New CIA Director and Defense Director take over. Wyatt and Natasha fall in love.


Jan 2021: Harper and Roman kiss again (opt to stay friends)


March 2021: Asher and Jessica have their twins!!


April 2021: Harper and Roman secretly hook up for the first time after a night at a dance club in NY


June 2021: Liam and Emily have their baby!


June – July 2021: A.J. and Ana’s story – Chasing Daylight


Late July: Wyatt and Natasha’s wedding


September 2021: Harper and Roman “break up” (no one knows they were ever together yet)

October 2021 – Chasing Fortune (Chris and Rory) / Dublin Nights crossover / Halloween party


January 1, 2022: The teams assist THE LEAGUE (Dublin Nights Series) to take down a secret criminal group known as The Alliance & Harper slips and tells Finn about her relationship with Roman the year before


February 2022 – Chasing Shadows begins