Behind the Scenes-Scenes featuring Mya – if you haven’t read The Taken One – please do that first before continuing. If you have read TTO, then you probably had questions after that epilogue as to Mya’s future. Honestly, so did I. I always let the characters guide me, and I was waiting for Mya to speak to me.

Below is an “invite inside my head” – a free-write I did based on scenes that unfolded first in my mind (that I had to hurry and write down).  These are not edited/polished and only some pieces may make it into her book – hope you enjoy.

Scene 1: Mya overhearing a convo between Mason and Oliver

“You think I’m the reason why Mya and I aren’t together?” Mason snapped out. “Is that what you think?”

What the hell? Mya nearly smashed her ear against the wall as she eavesdropped on the conversation between Mason and Oliver in the other room.

“I would’ve asked her to marry me in a heartbeat if I’d thought she’d say yes. That woman’s a bird. Needs to fly. Needs her freedom. She keeps me around because I’m safe. I won’t push her. Won’t threaten her way of life. Not that she’ll admit that.” Mason’s words had a chill rushing up her spine. “And you know, some people don’t want to do the whole marriage thing, and that’s fine.”

“What are you trying to say?” Oliver asked.

Yeah, what are you saying? I thought you were a playboy. You want to marry me? I’m not the reason we’re not together. She squeezed her eyes closed, realizing that maybe . . . Or am I?

“Why do you think Mya drives you nuts? Tries to push you away. Told you to date Gwen,” Mason shot back. “Because you scare her. You threaten her way of life.”

“What the hell, man? That makes no sense, we don’t even . . . we’ve never . . .” Oliver stumbled through his words, and was it getting hot in there? “And also, she told you about Gwen?”

“She tells me everything. Aside from Sydney, I’m one of her best friends.”

“Friends with benefits,” Oliver was quick to return.

I’m going to be sick.

“Not anymore. Not since she joined Falcon, which is saying a lot, don’t you think?” Mason went quiet, and maybe she should’ve walked away, but she couldn’t budge. “Listen, I’ve moved on. If we were meant to be together, we would’ve been already.”

Oh God. I can’t breathe. She backed away from the wall and tore her hands through her blonde hair. She’d dyed it last week when she was panicking about–

“Are you telling me to walk away from her? Because like I said, nothing has happened between us.”

“What’s going on? Where’s Oliver? Mason?”

At the sound of Jack’s voice, Mya spun around to find him there, his hands in his dress pants pockets, a concerned expression crossing his face.

The door opened before she could answer and Mason met her eyes, and his brows tightened as he put two-and-two together she’d overheard the what-the-hell conversation.

“I have to go,” Mya blurted before taking off.

But damn the voice trailing behind her.

The heavy steps chasing after her.

It wasn’t until she made it outside that she finally stopped to turn and face the man who’d come after her.

Scene 2 – Mya & Jack: text convo

Mya: You’re serious? She named you after the author of Call of the Wild?

Jack: Yuuup. My mom was a librarian. Hardcore book fan.

Mya: Huh. I never knew that.

Jack: Until recently, you didn’t know much about me 🙂

Mya: True. I’m glad we’re getting to know each other though. You’ve been a good friend.

Bubbles from typing came and went. After a minute of no response . . .

Mya: Something wrong?

Jack: I, uh, don’t know if I can do these late-night text talks anymore. I’m sorry.

Mya sat upright in her bed, her shoulders collapsing.

Mya: Why? What’s wrong?

Jack: You’re a hard person not to fall for. And if I’m being honest, I’m also just a bit . . . lonely. So, this is confusing.

Oh God. She could hear the break in his words as if he’d spoken his message instead. How’d I miss this?

Jack: Don’t say anything. I know we’ll only ever be friends and colleagues. And please don’t blame yourself. This is NOT your fault. This is on me . . . Just give me time, okay? I’ll get my head back on straight. Promise.

Mya: Jack?

Jack: Yeah?

She closed her eyes and held the phone between her palms, deciding what to say next.

Scene 3 – Mya & Oliver

“You can’t be serious right now,” Oliver hissed, his arms flying wide open.

“I saw the way you were staring at her date at the wedding like you wanted to knock him out.”

Oliver hung his head, lightly shaking it. “I knew her date. Served together. 82nd Airborne. He’s an asshole. I was conflicted on whether to open my mouth and say something, but then I was worried Wyatt would deck the guy. I didn’t want a fight breaking out at Sydney’s wedding.”

“What?” Mya blinked in surprise. “But Gwen’s beautiful, funny, and smart. She’s—”

“Yeah,” he said while peering at her. “She is. All those things. You’re right.”

Why does that . . . hurt? That shouldn’t hurt.

“But there are three very specific reasons why I’d never make a move on her. For starters, she’s too young for me.” He held a finger in the air. “Secondly, she’s Wyatt’s daughter. The relationship would be short-lived because he’d kill me.” Another finger. A step closer too. Shit, too close. His gaze cut straight through her. “But the most important reason why I’d never . . .” He angled his head, his nostrils flaring. “I’m looking at her.”

Final note: It’s taken months for Mya to finally tell me exactly what/who she wants. I truly didn’t know while writing The Taken One who Mya belonged with, but I do now. Late April 2023 I’ll reveal who will be the main male lead in Mya’s book.