Exclusive conversation between Wyatt and Natasha when they stepped in the hall in the safe house basement to talk in chapter 5 of Chasing Daylight:

*Note – not professionally edited

Wyatt spun around in the hallway to face away from his fiancée, his breath slightly ragged as he tried to wrap his head around the fact the woman he was set to marry was inside the safe house, and they were officially going to be working together.

“You kept this from me.” His fingers tore lines through his hair as he tried to make sense of it all before he set his palms to the wall.

They were getting married. In a month.

“I’m sorry. It all happened so fast, and it was classified. I signed NDAs with the President himself,” she offered, her tone hurried and nervous. “I was ordered to not say anything until this meeting.”

“You didn’t need to lie about wedding planning,” he grumbled.

“I didn’t lie. While you were in Alabama, I was working on last-minute wedding details until we were assembled for our first official meeting yesterday afternoon. Our team member at the FBI brought us together about his concern over the missing sources and a possible leak at the Bureau. I presented the information to my father, and he said we’d need to move up the timetable in informing you all.” There were tears in her eyes, he could hear them from the sound of her voice. “I’m so sorry for keeping this from you.”

He slowly pivoted to face her, capturing her face between his palms, unable to stop himself. The love for her so great it made his entire body hurt at times. “Don’t be sorry.” He quickly captured her mouth, briefly tugging her lip between his teeth before his tongue joined hers.

She gripped his arms, burying her short nails into his muscles as they kissed. As he let her know it was okay. They were a team. Always would be.

“I love you,” he said against her mouth. “Just shocked.”

She nodded, her nose touching his as he kept his warm palms on her cheek. “It still killed me lying.”

“If anyone understands, it’s me. Don’t worry, but are you sure this is what you want? Your dad didn’t thrust this upon you?”

“I’ll still be working for the CIA. This is just an extra responsibility. If anything pops up on our radar, it’ll make it easier and quicker to relay the most pertinent of cases to your team.” Her back hit the wall when he eased forward and his one hand went over her shoulder.

God, even now he wanted to take her right there. With her dad just beyond the door.

“You think this new assignment will interfere with the wedding?” he asked, trying to stay focused.

“Nothing could stop me from marrying you. I promise.” She set a hot kiss to his lips that ignited a blaze in his stomach, pushing his need even more.

“Nothing?” he asked when pulling back, and he cocked a brow.

Her chin raised as her eyes met his. “Absolutely nothing.”