Finn and julia’s story

Cold one minute. Hot the next. She gives him whiplash, and he’s either going to ditch his duties . . . or make her his. 

She was only supposed to be a quick assignment for Dalton “Finn” Finnegan—bodyguard for the sister of a friend, kind of gig. As the only single guy on Echo Team, an elite unit of off-the-books Navy SEALs, Finn’s certain his teammates are hoping to play matchmaker between him and the headstrong and gorgeous brunette.

Julia Maddox, a millionaire businesswoman with a passion for helping veterans, doesn’t want protection or love. But when she starts receiving threats from an unknown source, her brother calls in a favor. The last thing she needs is a sexy six-foot-tall roadblock standing in her way as she’s desperate to atone for her past and help save a friend.

And yet, her ice-cold attitude toward Finn slowly melts and things between them start to heat up when they find themselves halfway across the world on a wild adventure neither saw coming.

But despite their sizzling chemistry, Finn’s as reluctant to fall for Julia as she is for him, and he’s all too familiar with guilt. As they travel from Egypt and on to Dubai, they learn they’re mixed up in something much more dangerous than either imagined, and Finn is forced to conquer his own demons or risk losing the girl.

Will they be able to shelter their hearts while they weather the storm, or is one bound to get broken?

Chasing the Storm is a full-length standalone romance military novel with no cliffhanger and a happily-ever-after.