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Callipoe (Callie) and Alessandro Costa

When the bad boy bachelor Alessandro Costa has to do the unthinkable – get married for an assignment. Not just to anyone … This Southern school teacher / musician Calliope (Callie) Anderson is also the daughter of Italy’s oldest Italian mafia family . . .


He cupped my chin, and I was at his mercy, unable to budge or look away. “If things were different, I’d . . .” His shoulders dipped a touch as if weighed down by regret. “You’re my assignment. And soon you’ll be my wife, so we can’t.”

“I didn’t recall asking.” I swallowed. “But if I wind up marrying you temporarily, what will you do with me as your wife?”

“Not fuck this attitude out of you.” That fuck hung in the air heavy and strong, like I could reach out and grab it. Put my hands on it. Hell, taste it. “But I will protect you.” His brows snapped together. “I should get dressed.”

“Worried the towel will fall again, and I’ll discover the rumor about big hands isn’t true?”

A cocky grin tugged at his lips. “You can’t help yourself, can you?” He let go of my chin only to swipe the pad of his thumb along the contour of my cheek while staring at me. “This mouth of yours worries me. The trouble it might bring.”

“Well, you seem to be the only one who inspires these reactions from me.”

His hand at my cheek slipped into my messy hair, and he cupped the back of my head, lowering his mouth to my ear. “Lucky for you I know just what to do with that mouth and how to keep it quiet when need be.”

Oh fuckity fuck fuck. The man lit a match with those words, and the intense heat went straight to my sex.

He brought his face back around, boldly staring at me. “Get your mind out of the gutter, sweetheart.” A dark smile sat on his lips. “You’re off-limits, remember?” He winked. The asshole. “But that doesn’t mean you biting down on my belt wouldn’t be a good look for you.”

*Releases 9/24/24  Kindle / KU / Paperback / Audio

Book 3 (Hudson & Izzy): Late December 2024

Book 4 (Constantine): April 2025