In the story, Until You Can’t – Natalia grew up next to two brothers: the bad boy hockey player and the Navy SEAL

In her mind, there was never a choice between them.

Because the man she’d always wanted was seven years older. Never home. Busy serving their country. And also . . . she thought he hated her.

Two and a half years after the breakup … she’s decided to follow her heart.

But now the retired Navy SEAL needs a favor from her: find him a fake girlfriend.

*I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say Ryan’s brother, Anthony (the hockey player), was not the greatest guy… and Ryan’s a true hero in every meaning of the word – and you can’t help but root for him as you see his story unfold. He truly is one of my favorite heroes I’ve written to date. Hope you enjoy! x, Brittney

“You don’t need to be everyone’s hero.”

“Fine.”  He shrugged. “I’ll just be yours.”