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Off-the-grid, Pennsylvania
I was far too close to taking my jet to Amsterdam to beg Diana for just one night. To taste her. Surround myself and lose my mind in her scent of fresh flowers. Then I’d ask her on my hands and my knees, why I was fantasizing about her, a woman I’d saved a million f—g years ago. Then I’d demand to know why I couldn’t stop thinking about her, especially when I barely knew her.
Of course, I really did know her. Like how she took her coffee: steamed milk and a stevia stirred in.
The music she listened to, and her little shoulder dance while at her desk when she really loved a song.
How she’d twirl the few stray strands of hair that always managed to escape from her messy bun or ponytail while she was working.
The way she’d roll her eyes and stick her tongue out at her ex-boyfriend when he annoyed her, but she always waited to do it when he wasn’t looking.
Then there was the fact she alternated between plain silk blouses and silly science T-shirts depending on her mood, and I knew her mood depended on the weather.
Worst of all, I knew how da*n guilty wanting her made me feel.
After the shower, I dressed and got my stuff together and headed home. There was nothing for me at the office tonight, and packing my laptop away was one more barrier to me giving in and stalking her.
Dallas greeted me at the door. His tail whacked the floor in excitement as I turned off the alarm. He rolled to his back, and I crouched down and scratched his stomach. “I couldn’t go through with it,” I confessed. He kept flopping his tail around as he yelped back his response. “I know, I know. I’ve . . . got a problem, don’t I?”
Releases March 14th. Pre-order sale price of $3.99 (reg: $5.99) This book is basically two books in one lol at over 650 pages.