The Wrecked One

One moment. One decision. Will change everything.

I’ve spent my life chasing stories and mysteries, as well as running from love. I’ve also come face-to-face with evil before. Felt its breath on my skin and survived.

But nothing could prepare me for that one day when my life changed. Impossible choices and unbearable sacrifices were made, and evil still won.

The darkness we’d been hunting stole the only man I’d ever run to instead of from, and I’ll do everything in my power to bring Oliver back to our team. And to me.

When I finally track him down—and fall quite literally into his arms—the tension, the passion, and the desire are still there and stronger than ever. And so is our stubbornness.

No matter how much he tries to resist his feelings . . . our connection is undeniable. I won’t give up on him, just like he never gave up on me.

And as secrets are revealed and suppressed memories are unearthed, we’re brought full circle and thrown into the biggest fight of our lives.

This is our story—one of love, survival, and never giving up. —Mya Vanzetti

From Wall Street Journal and Amazon Charts bestselling author Brittney Sahin comes the conclusion to the Falcon Falls Security Series. This second-chance romantic suspense features a protective hero and the determined woman who brings him back to life.

Although The Wrecked One is a standalone with a happily-ever-after, it is highly recommended it be read after The Fallen One, as it completes an overarching story arc.