They say the truth will set you free–if it doesn’t bury you first.

As a Navy SEAL for a covert special ops team, Owen York has no time for relationships. But when he’s forced to go on vacation, he finds himself falling for a sexy stranger, a woman who turns out to be linked not only to his latest assignment but to his past. Owen’s spent years searching for his brother’s killer, but now that he has a chance at revenge . . . he’ll have to see how far he’s willing to go for justice.

After losing her fiancé a decade ago, Samantha McCarthy lives and breathes her job at the Intelligence Committee. She puts everything, especially love, aside–until one day her world flips upside down, and she finds herself at the center of a massive government cover-up. Turning to Owen York for help is her only hope. What she doesn’t count on is for him to knock down the walls around her heart.

Thrown together on a mission that’s as personal as it is dangerous, Owen and Samantha will face their toughest challenge yet–and risk falling for each other in the process.


“Each time I read a book by Brittney Sahin my first instinct is to yell how much I loved it. Every single book she wrote has this little something more that make a good story into a spectacular one.” –Stephanie, Tied Up in Romance


“How come you never checked in on me yourself?”

“Because I don’t like to talk about what happened,” he said, his voice sharp, his honesty almost surprising.

“So you never think about it? You never used your government clearance to try and find who killed them?”

His jaw tightened as his eyes dropped to her parted lips.

“How could you not go after their killer?” she pushed. “How can you not want revenge?”

He pressed a fist beneath her chin and gently guided her face up. “You think I haven’t tried to bury him six feet under? You think I haven’t thought about that very thing every day?” His eyes narrowed, and he visibly swallowed. “I’ve lost people who were like family—and I want vengeance for them all. And I’ll never give up until I get it. For Jason. For Brad. For . . .”

The ellipsis of his unspoken words popped into her mind like little dots on repeat.